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Real-Time Ultra HD(8K/144FPS) Full-Chain Solution

Tencent MPS - Product Team

What is Ultra HD?

UHD, short for Ultra-High Definition, is a video resolution standard. UHD typically includes two specifications: 4K UHD and 8K UHD.

4K UHD: It has a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels, which is four times that of Full HD (1080P, with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels). 4K UHD is commonly found in televisions, computer monitors, projectors, and some high-end smartphones.

8K UHD: It has a resolution of 7680x4320 pixels, which is four times that of 4K UHD and sixteen times that of Full HD. 8K UHD is primarily used in high-end televisions and professional-grade display devices.

The main advantage of UHD is that it provides extremely high picture clarity and detail, especially when viewed on large-screen devices, offering an outstanding visual experience. However, 4K/8K ultra-high-definition videos greatly enhance resolution and clarity, but also come with extremely high bitrates that present significant challenges to the transmission, processing, and playback of the entire chain.

Introduction to the Solution

Tencent MPS has launched a real-time ultra-high-definition full-chain solution to cater to the real-time processing and distribution needs of users for ultra-high-definition content. The solution is based on Tencent's Top Speed Codec transcoding, ultra-high-definition cross-domain transmission capabilities, and a wealth of global resource nodes.

This solution supports access protocols like SRT, QUIC, and RTP, and can achieve real-time processing and distribution of up to 8K/144FPS ultra-high-definition videos. It also supports real-time processing capabilities such as transcoding, media processing, video AI, time shifting, live video caster, and advertisement insertion. Furthermore, the solution can be flexibly deployed in a hybrid cloud model, combining public and private cloud, to cover a wider range of business scenarios. With its ultra-high-definition low-latency cross-domain transmission and real-time processing capabilities, this solution is an ideal fit for users seeking to process and distribute ultra-high-definition content in real-time.

Real-time ultra-high definition solution architecture

Real-time ultra-high definition solution architecture

Advantages of the Solution

1. Ultra HD Transmission and Global Distribution Acceleration

The real-time ultra-high-definition full-link solution supports cross-domain transmission of ultra-high-definition source streams such as SRT/QUIC/RTP protocols, combined with Tencent MPS's global audio and video acceleration distribution node group, quickly covering the world with ultra-high-definition content. The cross-regional audio and video transmission capability provided by the solution has advantages such as high packet loss resistance, low latency, and convenient access. The delay of 100Mbps audio and video data transmission under rtt=100ms can be stably controlled within 400ms.

Low latency streaming media transmission scheme

Low latency streaming media transmission scheme

2. Lower Bitrate and Superior Image Quality

Whether it's H.264, H.265, AV1, or H.266, Tencent has independently developed corresponding encoding cores internally. Compared with the widely used x264/x265/libaom in the industry, there are significant improvements in compression performance, encoding speed, bitrate control, and subjective vision. Encoding formats such as H.265 and AV1, paired with Top Speed Codec transcoding, offer superior bitrate and better image quality at the same resolution. By saving 50% of bandwidth, they enhance subjective image quality and enable real-time processing services for ultra-high-definition videos.

VOD Transcoding Experience

VOD Transcoding Experience

3. Real-time Processing and Seamless Integration

The real-time ultra-high-definition full-link solution can achieve real-time processing of 8K/144FPS video through slice transcoding technology. It supports ultra-high-definition content recording, image quality enhancement, and other media processing capabilities. It can seamlessly integrate with video AI, ad insertion, time shifting, live video caster, and other Cloud Streaming Services's functions.

Architecture of 8K Slice Transcoding Scheme

Architecture of 8K Slice Transcoding Scheme

4. Supports Hybrid Cloud and More Flexible Deployment

The system supports a hybrid deployment model of public cloud transcoding + private cloud distribution. Transcoding resources can be expanded as needed, and private distribution nodes can be set up on the internal network to reduce public network bandwidth. This approach is flexible, stable, and reliable.

Privatized distribution scheme architecture

Privatized distribution scheme architecture

Applicable Scenarios for the Solution

1. Radio and Television Media

The real-time ultra-HD full-link solution features a high-speed and stable chunk transcoding system, supporting multi-task concurrency and dynamic expansion. It supports real-time processing of 4K/8K ultra-HD, meeting the broadcasting industry's need for simultaneous output of multiple streams for distribution. The solution also supports powerful AI capabilities such as content understanding, auditing, and quality inspection. While ensuring video safety and high quality, it recognizes scenes and segments of content, meeting the content operation needs of the broadcasting scene.

2. Online video

The real-time ultra-HD full-link solution supports a wide range of transcoding formats. Through Top Speed Codec transcoding, it can significantly compress video bit rates while ensuring image quality, reducing user storage bandwidth costs. The solution also supports adaptive bitstream, automatic switching of multiple resolutions, and meeting the playback requirements under various terminals and network environments.

3. Live streaming platform

The real-time ultra-HD full-link solution supports seamless integration with video AI, ad insertion, time shifting, live video caster, and other Cloud Streaming Services's functions, meeting your various business needs. Combined with the ultra-low latency fast live service provided by Tencent MPS, it has been fully upgraded in terms of WebRTC end-to-end signaling process, audio and video encoding format support, transmission transformation, media processing optimization, etc., providing audiences with a millisecond-level ultimate live viewing experience.

4. Enterprise live streaming

The real-time ultra-HD full-link solution supports a hybrid deployment mode of public cloud transcoding + private cloud distribution. It is suitable for internal live broadcasting, training, and other scenarios in enterprises. While processing ultra-HD content in real-time, it can reduce public network bandwidth by setting up private distribution nodes through the intranet, saving costs for enterprises.


Tencent MPS's Real-time Ultra HD Full Link Solution is a solution provided by Tencent MPS to meet the needs of users for real-time Ultra HD video transmission and processing. This solution covers the entire link from video capture, transmission, encoding, transmission, and decoding to playback, ensuring that users can have a high-quality real-time video experience. Welcome to contact us for consultation.