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Enhanced Audio-Visual Quality for Better User Experience

Industry-leading AI enhancement algorithms tailored for different scenarios, comprehensively improving audio and video quality

Rich Capabilities Adapting to Many Scenarios, Fully UpliftingVisual Experiences

Video Quality Repair
UGC Content Enhancement
Race Enhancement
Game Enhancement
Video Quality Repair

Video Quality Repair

  • Super-Resolution
  • Frame Interpolation
  • Face Enhancement
  • Font enhancement
  • Noise reduction
  • Deblurring

Enhance What You Hear

Voice DenoisingVoice Denoising
Significantly reducing background noise with advanced algorithms for clearer, more precise audio.
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Voice DenoisingOriginal
Voice DenoisingDenoising
Audio SeparationAudio Separation
Efficiently separating mixed audio into tracks for targeted voice and music processing.
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Audio SeparationOriginal
Audio SeparationSeparation
Audio Quality EnhancementAudio Quality Enhancement
Enhancing audio clarity and fidelity, minimizing quality loss from noise distortion and compression for realistic, high-quality sound.
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Audio Quality EnhancementOriginal
Audio Quality EnhancementEnhancement
Volume BalancingVolume Balancing
Dynamically adjusting audio to maintain balanced volumes across different segments, enhancing overall auditory comfort and consistency.
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Volume BalancingOriginal
Volume BalancingBalancing

Flexible Integration

  • Public Cloud APIPublic Cloud API

    Provide public cloud API access, flexible and convenient for on-demand use

  • Hybrid CloudHybrid Cloud

    Support the use of third-party cloud storage service, without the need to migrate the existing business data

  • Private CloudPrivate Cloud

    Support deployment of platform or atomization capabilities in your private cloud environment


    Offer SDK capabilities with various billing methods to meet different business needs

  • Rich capabilities

    It has enhanced repair capabilities for various audio and video quality issues, widely used in international major events such as the Olympics and World Cup, and has been ranked No.1 in the Ultra HD competition by the State Administration of Radio and Television in China

  • Excellent performance

    It supports real-time audio and video enhancement processing for various applications such as VOD, live streaming, RTC, and terminal enhancement. It can utilize different computing resources such as CPU, GPU, and NPU for processing

  • Flexibility

    It can independently support corresponding enhancement solutions for different scenario requirements. It supports various product forms such as PAAS, SDK, proprietary cloud, hybrid cloud, etc

Trusted by5000+Businesses

MIXCHANNEL, a live video community popular among young people in Japan, has over 17 million cumulative users and 5 million monthly visitors. By using MPS's AI enhancement algorithms, MIXCHANNEL improves app experiences while cutting maintenance and development costs.

Founded in Japan in 2019, Mildom has become a top-tier streaming platform in the local market. With the help of MPS, Mildom has comprehensively improved its visual quality experience, enhancing its competitiveness within the industry.

Pokekara is a karaoke scoring app ranked first among all Japanese apps in 2019. To improve user experience, Pokekara uses MPS to enhance audio clarity, tone, and quality, reducing compression-related quality loss, and optimizing users' singing and listening experience.

Be Confident of Your Data Security & Compliance

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