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Ultimate End-to-End Capabilities to Make Your Video Shine

Provide end-to-end capabilities like encoding, enhancement, quality checks, and cloud real-time rendering to ensure video and audio quality.

Enhancing Video Quality from the Source

Client encoding SDK

Client EncodingClient Encoding

  • Superior Image Quality

    60+ optimized algorithms for diverse uses, enhancing visual quality and stable encoding.

  • Lower Hashrate

    Compact data structures, efficient memory access, and SIMD optimization reduce computing needs by 50% vs. open-source solutions, fitting most mobile phones.

  • Flexible Usage

    Compared to hard encoding, we offer more flexible bitrate control, multi-reference GPB frames and SVC layered encoding to better adapt to network changes and weak network environments.

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Client enhancement SDK

Client EnhancementClient Enhancement

  • Wide Range

    Full end-to-end audio and video enhancement solutions from the production side to the consumer side.

  • Quality Enhancement from the Device Side

    Improve audio and video quality with noise reduction, echo cancellation, and visual enhancements. Enhance visual quality through detail enhancement, color adjustment, and super-resolution frame insertion.

  • Efficient computing

    Optimized algorithms and AI frameworks for efficient, high-performance, and low power consumption.

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Providing Video Detection Capabilities, Ensuring Quality in Every Frame

Media quality inspection

Content Quality CheckContent Quality Check

  • Format Diagnosis

    Real-time detection of stream anomalies, rapid problem analysis and localization, ensuring high-quality content for viewers.

  • Content Quality Check

    Intelligent detection of video frames (jitter, ghosting, blurriness, low light, etc.). Automatic detection of audio abnormalities (silence, low volume, crackling).

  • No-Reference Assessment

    Uses deep learning models to assess video frames in terms of clarity, composition, and color, offering comprehensive quality scoring suggestions for video frames without the need for a reference.

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Real-time Streaming, Cloud Gaming on All Devices

Cloud Real-time Rendering

Cloud Real-time RenderingCloud Real-time Rendering

  • Click and Play

    Deploying any app – games, metaverse spaces, VR/AR/XR content, Exe, or APK – on cloud servers for click and play via streaming technology.

  • All Devices

    Enjoying large apps and games on any device – laptops, desktops, TVs, Android smartphones, iPhones, iPads or VR headsets – without the need for high-end hardware.

  • Low Latency, High Quality

    Delivering a smooth, ultra-high-definition experience with end-to-end latency as low as 60-80ms and support for 8K/144FPS.

  • No.1

    No.1 in MSU Video Codecs Comparisons for the past 3 years; Top Video Encoding Performer, recognized by Streaming Learning Center (SLC)

  • 8K/144FPS

    Support real-time ultra HD transcoding, delivering a powerful audio-visual experience

  • Save 50%

    Proprietary encoding core, saving over 50% in bitrate without sacrificing image quality

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Huajiao Live uses end SDK encoding technology to compress the video on the broadcaster's streaming side. It provides high compression rates and adapts to limited upstream bandwidth while maximizing the quality of the source video. This ensures the video quality in the live streaming room and enhances the viewing experience for end users.

Vanyi Technology utilizes our Cloud Real-time Rendering product to run their Unreal Engine apps on cloud-based GPU edge computing nodes, enabling users to play with 3D digital twin apps via a web browser with an HD, seamless experience.

By employing our Cloud Real-time Rendering product, monoAI runs its XR Cloud virtual space platform (originally a PC application) in a cloud environment, streaming the running interface to users' web terminals, significantly enhancing user experience.

Be Confident of Your Data Security & Compliance

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