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Integrated Solution for Real-Time, Large-Scale Live Streaming

We provide reliable, efficient streaming media transmission, transcoding, remuxing, packaging, and distribution services, along with a wealth of value-added features, to our global clients

IntegratedLive Streaming Solution


Reliable, safe, top-speed and low latency video transmission service


Stable broadcast-grade live video streaming and processing service


Secure and professional video packaging & origin server service


Highly concurrent and accessible live video broadcasting service

Enhance Your Live Streaming Experience with
Rich Product Features

Live Video Transmission

Live Video TransmissionLive Video Transmission

  • Multi-Protocol Stream Input

    StreamLink supports cross-region transport for RTP/SRT/RTSP/RTMP.

  • Highly Stable Input Redundancy

    StreamLink provides redundant configurations with primary and backup input addresses to ensure stability and reliability.



  • High-Quality and Multi-Format Transcoding

    StreamLive supports transcoding functions with multiple resolutions, bitrates, and frame rates.

  • Top Speed Codec Transcoding

    Provide Top Speed Codec transcoding, a high-performance service that uses AI to calculate optimal dynamic encoding parameters in real-time for low-bitrate and high-quality video.

Event Orchestration

Event OrchestrationEvent Orchestration

  • Multi-Task Scheduling

    Pre-orchestrating content to ensure live streaming quality for large events: pre-event warm-up content, post-event loop content, and contingency content for unexpected interruptions.

Low Latency Live Streaming

Low Latency Live StreamingLow Latency Live Streaming

  • Low-Latency Media Transmission

    Offer high-quality, stable and low-latency media transmission services for global live streaming based on the SRT protocol.

  • Support for LL-HLS

    LL-HLS protocol is also utilized to achieve a global live streaming experience with latency under 3 seconds.

More Features

Digital Rights Management (DRM)Digital Rights Management (DRM)
Provide professional DRM solutions for comprehensive video stream security, supporting FairPlay and Widevine encryption to meet most copyright protection needs.
Digital Rights Management (DRM)
Facial Blur ProcessingFacial Blur Processing
Leverage AI to detect faces in live streaming sources and apply blurring for privacy protection.
Facial Blur Processing
Multilingual Recognition and TranslationMultilingual Recognition and Translation
For global live streaming events, support multi-track audio along with multilingual voice recognition and translation.
Multilingual Recognition and Translation
Server-Side Ad InsertionServer-Side Ad Insertion
Support dynamic ad insertion based on SCTE-35 and SSAI on Stream Service.
Server-Side Ad Insertion
Live Streaming Time Shifting and RecordingLive Streaming Time Shifting and Recording
Enable users to revisit live content during and post-streaming, commonly used in TV show replays and sports event highlights.
Live Streaming Time Shifting and Recording

Trusted by5000+Businesses

Stream Services has helped Digital Tree upgrade its digital TV platform (Cyprus' first OTT platform) and add DRM and other value-added features, reaching a key milestone of over 1M connected devices and over 50M content views.

ARY, Pakistan's top online audio and video entertainment platform, partnered with Stream Services to deploy large-scale cloud-based live streaming services within just 20 days. This collaboration enabled them to successfully host over 120 major live broadcast events.

Stream Services' reliable streaming media transmission, transcoding, format converting, and distribution services have helped the Thai Parliament build OTT apps to broadcast political news and knowledge, attracting the interest of younger audiences.

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