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Maximize source video quality while lowering bitrates and improving QoE

Cut your cloud-storage and CDN bill while providing a new high-definition vision to your end-users

Tailored fordifferent types of mediato provide you with the ultimate coding experience



  • Reduce Bitrates by 50%+

    Wide encoding options (AV1, H.266, H.265, H.264), reducing bitrates without quality loss, saving playback bandwidth and costs.

  • Superior Quality, HD Vision

    Top Speed Codec offers higher resolution while lowering bitrate, increasing VMAF by 3 - 5 scores; Supports up to 8K high-resolution video real-time encoding, combining Super-Resolution, HDR, wide color gamut, etc. to provide extremely clear visuals.

  • Comprehensive Features to Meet Diverse Needs

    30x speed transcoding, digital watermarking, etc.

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Original soundBefore96Kbps
Encoded soundAfter75Kbps21.9%


  • Reduce Bitrates by 20%+

    Provides flexible codec toolsets to significantly reduce bitrates and save bandwidth & storage costs without losing the original sound quality.

  • Superior Sound, Enhanced Clarity

    Optimize sound quality while reducing bitrates with audio content analysis and rich audio quality enhancement filters.



  • Full range of image formats

    Supports 200+ image formats, including AVIF, HEIF, WebP, JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.

  • High performance and low cost

    High performance codec support real-time processing, only needs to store the original image, thus saving storage costs.

  • Reduce Bitrates by 60%+

    Automatically adapt the optimal format for different devices, reducing bandwidth and costs by 60% without quality lose.

Flexible Integration

  • Public Cloud APIPublic Cloud API

    Provide public cloud API access, flexible and convenient for on-demand use

  • Hybrid CloudHybrid Cloud

    Support the use of third-party cloud storage service, without the need to migrate the existing business data

  • Private CloudPrivate Cloud

    Support deployment of platform or atomization capabilities in your private cloud environment


    Offer SDK capabilities with various billing methods to meet different business needs

  • No.1

    No.1 in MSU Video Codecs Comparisons for the past 3 years; Top Video Encoding Performer, recognized by Streaming Learning Center (SLC)

  • 8K/144FPS

    Support real-time ultra HD transcoding, delivering a powerful audio-visual experience

  • Save 50%

    Proprietary encoding core, saving over 50% in bitrate without sacrificing image quality

Trusted by5000+Businesses

MPS's ultimate encoding and compression capability has helped OOKBEE improve the playback efficiency of its app, enhance the quality of audio and video, and create a good user experience for more than 10 million users.

MPS's adaptive bitrate streaming capabilities meet BeLive's video playback needs across various platforms, devices, and network environments, enabling BeLive to achieve synchronous live streaming on 8 social and e-commerce platforms. Our scalability and cost-effectiveness have also been highly praised.

MPS provides high-bitrate stable streaming, ensuring clear visuals while significantly reducing bandwidth. This helps GOGO LIVE deliver a stable, fast, HD viewing experience for its users while also saving on bandwidth costs.

Be Confident of YourData Security & Compliance

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