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Lower Bitrates
Higher Quality
Faster Transmission

Help global clients cut costs, elevate media quality, and significantly enhance end-user experience and satisfaction

Trusted by 5000+Clients Worldwide

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MPS Products

Use MPS products as individual components or leverage multiple products for maximum benefit.


Maximize source video quality while lowering bitrates and improving QoE.


Comprehensively elevate audio and video quality to create a new audio-visual experience.


Rapid, stable, and professional-grade broadcast level real-time cloud streaming services.


End-to-end capabilities to significantly improve end-media quality.

OfferSuperior Media Servicesto Our Global Clients

WebRTC High Stability Product for Your Global Customers


Supports real-time UHD transcoding capability to deliver a powerful audio-visual experience.


Cross-continental transmission latency < 400ms. Stable transmission even with 60% packet loss.

Save 50%

Our proprietary encoding core can save over 50% bitrates without compromising quality.


Three-year consecutive winner of the MSU Video Codecs Comparisons. Top-rated in all categories of encoding tests in Streaming Learning Center Evaluations.

Every IndustryCan Find Customized Solutions

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Help you build a full-featured pan-entertainment platform that can transcode and enhance live and VOD videos, and can reduce the bitrates and playback bandwidth while guaranteeing the image quality in high definition. Also, you can get new features such as danmaku, gifts and virtual live streaming.
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Online Education

We offer ultra-fast live streaming for better interactive learning experiences, high-definition & low-bitrate streaming to reduce distribution costs, and video quality checks to detect issues early.
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Live Streaming Sports Events

Provide specialized services like efficient, stable streaming and low-latency transcoding tailored for broadcasting live streaming events, enhancing customer viewing experience.
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Offer broadcast-standard transcoding services, including 4k/8k, HDR, and 10bit UHD video enhancement, optimizing cinema playback for clarity and smoothness.
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E-commerce Video

Leverage video to boost your e-commerce platform and increase your business's GMV. Ideal for product showcases, live sales, new product launches, etc.
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Deliver stable, high-bitrate streaming for gaming with HD quality and adaptive rates, and featuring time shifting and instant clipping for memorable moments.

Flexible Integration

  • Public Cloud APIPublic Cloud API

    Provide public cloud API access, flexible and convenient for on-demand use

  • Hybrid CloudHybrid Cloud

    Support the use of third-party cloud storage service, without the need to migrate the existing business data

  • Private CloudPrivate Cloud

    Support deployment of platform or atomization capabilities in your private cloud environment


    Offer SDK capabilities with various billing methods to meet different business needs

Be Confident of Your Data Security & Compliance

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