Integration of Watermark Removal Capability


What types of watermarks are supported?

This service uses AI technology to identify watermarks and and removes them. Currently, recognition and erasion of over a dozen types of watermarks are supported. For watermarks not included in our coverage, we offer personalized training services at an additional model training cost.

Does it charge for watermark-free videos?

It will also charge in this situation. This is due to the fact that even if the video is not watermarked, normal computational analysis is performed, consumping the computational resources.

Is live streaming supported?

Currently, only VOD files are supported by the external interface. For live streaming processing needs, please get in touch with the developer.

Creating template

1. Enter the MPS console, choose Templates > Content Discovery > Content Analysis Template > Create template.
2. On the Create template page, fill out the Template name, enable Intelligent labeling configuration, and click Create.

3. Synchronize the Template ID with Tencent Cloud Media Processing Service's developers, they will configure and enable the watermark removal feature.

Task Processing

Method 1: Orchestration Access (Zero Code)

1. Creating Orchestration

1.1 Enter the console's VOD Schemes, click Create VOD scheme. Configure trigger area and output area, then select add Content discovery node in Actions.

1.2 Edit the Content discovery node.

1.3 Choose Content Analysis for the Template Type. At the Content Comprehension Template section, click on Select. From the pop-up template box, select the Content Analysis Template name that was used during Template Creation, click Confirm, and finally click Save to complete the configuration.

1.4 Click Create to complete the orchestration creation.

2. Enable Orchestration

In the VOD Service Orchestration Management list, select the orchestration that you have just created and click Enable.

After the service orchestration is successfully enabled, it will take effect in 3~5 minutes.

3. Trigger Task

After successfully starting the orchestration, please wait for 5 minutes. Then, upload the source video that needs the watermark removed to the corresponding directory of the Trigger directory you just set up, and the system will automatically initiate the watermark removal task.

4. Task Query

Return to VOD tasks in the console, and the task list will display the recent tasks. If there are too many tasks, you can filter them by selecting Content discovery in Task type.

5. Result Videos

Upon successful completion of Step 4, the result video without watermark will be stored in the output area configured during the creation of Step 1. You can directly view the result video in the corresponding area in COS.

Method Two: API Integration

1. Task Initiation

After configuring the template, call the Media Processing Service interface, select the AiAnalysisTask task, set its Definition to this template ID, and then initiate the task.

2. Task Query

Use the TaskId returned from the previous step to call the Query Task Detail interface to query the task processing results.

3. Task Callback

If the callback information can be set through the TaskNotifyConfig parameter in the task initiation interface, upon completion of the task, the callback information will relay the task results.