MPS live stream recording

With Media Processing Service (MPS), you can record live streaming content by URL.


1. On the Live Recording Templates page, create a new live recording template. The console provides a default recording template.

2. On the Live Schemes page, create a new scheme. On this page, you need to select a COS bucket and specify a directory for the output. In actions diagram below, click and add a "Live Recording" step.

3. Click the edit button on the right side of the Live Recording step to perform detailed configuration.

4. In the detailed configuration:
(1) Select the recording template;
(2) Select the output bucket;
(3) Edit the output path. The path of the output file, which can be relative or absolute. 

Please note that removing the random field {rand} from the path may cause a file to be overwritten by a different file with identical field values.
5. After completing the above information, click "Create" to establish a live scheme.
6. Go to Live tasks management page and create a new task. Enter the live streaming address that needs to be recorded and select the scheme. Click "Create Task".
Please make sure that the live streaming address is filled correctly. If the live streaming fails to be pulled, it will be retried 3 times. If the live streaming still cannot be obtained, the recording task will fail.