Audio/Video Enhancement

MPS provides preset audio/video enhancement templates, which can be added directly to a scheme. You can also click Create template to customize your own audio/video enhancement templates.
Configuration Item
Template name
Max 64 characters; supports Chinese characters, letters, digits, spaces, underscores (_), hyphens (-), and periods (.).
Container format
MP4, FLV, or HLS
Video or audio enhancement. Only video enhancement is supported currently.
Encoding standard
H264, H265, or AV1
You can either specify the long and short sides or width and height of the output video. The valid values are `0` and [128, 4096]. `0` means to keep the dimension the same as the original.
Frame rate
[0, 100]. `0` means to keep the frame rate the same as the original.
Super resolution
High resolution model (default) or low resolution model
Low-light enhancement
Enhance details and contrast in low-light scenes to improve visual experiences.
HDR10 or HLG, which delivers a wider color range and more color details.
Overall enhancement
Leverage AI technologies to balance image textures, remove artifacts, smooth video images, and enhance image details to improve visual experiences.
Color enhancement
Make colors more real and enhance colors to some degree to improve visual experiences.
Detail enhancement
Enhance details in videos and increase the clarity of videos.
Face enhancement
Enhance key facial features based on face recognition technologies.
Banding removal
Remove banding and reduce noise in videos.
The compression of videos during transcoding may result in blocking artifacts, ringing artifacts, mosquito noise, and color contamination. This feature fixes such issues.
Image noise removal
Reduce the noise introduced during the video capturing process without losing details.