Template Overview


You can create a template and add it to a scheme to process media files according to preset parameters.


Log in to the MPS console and click Templates on the left sidebar. Select the type of template you want to configure and click Create template.

Template Types

The table below lists the types of media processing templates you can create and add to a scheme.
If a template is modified after being added to a scheme, the new settings will be applied.
If a template is deleted after being added to a scheme, its subtasks will fail to be executed.
Template Type
Audio/Video transcoding
General transcoding
Transcode audio/video files
TSC transcoding
Transcode videos according to Top Speed Codec (TSC) standards, reducing video size without compromising quality.
Adaptive bitrate streaming
Convert the source file into multi-bitrate streams that are suitable for playback in different scenarios.
Change the container format of the source video (to MP4 or HLS) without transcoding.
Audio transcoding
Transcode audio files
Time point screenshot
Take screenshots at specific time points.
Sampled screenshot
Take screenshots at a specified interval (seconds or percentage).
Image sprite screenshot
Take screenshots at specified time points and merge them into a sprite.
Animated screenshot
Cut out a video clip and make it into an animated screenshot.
Add a text or image watermark to a video.
Content discovery
Content analysis
Intelligent labeling, categorization, and thumbnail generation.
Content recognition
Recognize faces, text, and speech.
Detect pornographic, terrorist, and politically sensitive content in images, text, and speech.
Audio/Video enhancement
Audio/Video enhancement
Enhance audio/video quality.
Live recording
Live recording
Record live streaming content.