Upload and Callback

How do I receive callbacks?

To ensure service reliability and data security, MPS only supports CMQ callback notifications.

What do I do if I don't receive callbacks?

If you successfully uploaded a file but did not receive a notification containing the file transcoding result after a certain amount of time, possible reasons include:
The workflow was not set up correctly. Please check the workflow settings.
If you initiated the transcoding task through an API and the call was successful, you can use the DescribeTaskDetail API to query the task progress.
Message backlog in the task queue can cause prolonged processing or other service exceptions. You can submit a ticket to query your queue status.

How do I set up callback?

MPS uses Tencent Cloud CMQ to send callback notifications containing the transcoding results. You need to activate CMQ in advance and create a queue before you can receive transcoding callback notifications. In addition, you need to grant MPS permission to write data into the queue. Then, you can set the corresponding queue parameters when creating a workflow in the MPS Console.

Does CMQ incur fees?

For CMQ-related usage and fee information, please see CMQ Cost Description.