Refunding Resource Packs

Five-day unconditional refund

You can refund an unused resource pack within five days of purchase.

Refund policies

Unused resource packs are refundable within five days of purchase. A resource pack cannot be refunded once it is used.
We may reject a refund request if we suspect refund abuse.
If a resource pack meets the refund conditions, you will receive a full refund, regardless of whether you used cash credits, commission credits, or free credits for the purchase.
Discounts and vouchers will not be returned.
The credits will be returned to the account that made the purchase.


1. Log in to the MPS console and select Resource Pack Management on the left sidebar.
2. Find the resource pack you want to return and click Refund on the right.

Before requesting a refund, please make sure the resource pack meets the refund conditions.

Other Refunds

1. Select the product

Log in to the MPS console and click Ticket > Submit a ticket in the top right corner. Type “MPS” in the search box and click MPS.

2. Choose the problem type

Click Purchase Enquiry.

3. Submit the ticket

Fill out the form and click Submit Ticket.

We will process your refund request as soon as possible.