Use Cases

Video Websites

MPS covers all mainstream video formats and supports multiple resolutions and bitrates, enabling video websites to deliver a smooth and consistent user experience to users with different bandwidth options. Strengths:
Provides an ultimate encoding experience and supports Top Speed Codec (TSC) transcoding, which greatly reduces the storage and bandwidth costs.
Supports adaptive bitrate streaming to enhance playback on various devices under different network conditions.
Offers a wide variety of feature templates to meet diverse needs for media processing such as content capturing, editing, recognition, and moderation.
Uses schemes for flexible service process orchestration and integrates the event callback mechanism, which enables you to keep up to date with the task progress.

Online Education

MPS' powerful video transcoding feature can generate video files of different specifications, so video can be played back on various devices, making it highly suitable for the online education industry. Strengths:
Provides excellent encoding and compression capabilities to minimize the size of the compressed video while retaining the original video definition in online education scenarios, reducing the storage and bandwidth costs.
Supports adaptive bitrate streaming to output multiple bitstreams for one input file. This allows students using different devices to play back video smoothly based on their different network conditions.

Radio and TV Industry

MPS features fast and stable multipart transcoding and supports concurrent task execution and dynamic scaling, satisfying the needs for efficient transcoding in the radio and TV industry. Strengths:
Supports accelerated transcoding and distributed transcoding to deliver up to 30 times faster transcoding for long videos, allowing radio and TV stations to release content very quickly.
With powerful content discovery, moderation, and quality assurance capabilities, it recognizes scenes and segments of content while guaranteeing the security and high quality of the video.
MPS can transcode videos to 4K and 8K resolutions to meet the needs for video transcoding to UHD in the radio and TV industry.

OTT Smart TVs

MPS supports video transcoding to 2K and 4K resolutions for smart TVs, so as to provide enhanced video quality for viewers. Strengths:
Supports content transcoding to 4K and 8K resolutions for large-screen devices such as OTT TV to display UHD content.
Supports adaptive bitrate streaming to allow family members to play back video on different devices under complex network conditions.