Process orchestration

MPS allows you to create custom schemes to orchestrate service processing for high numbers of media files and complete basic operations such as transcoding, screencapturing, and watermarking. You can use event callbacks to stay up to date with the progress of different tasks.

Top Speed Codec

MPS supports H.264, H.265, and AV1 encoding standards and ensures high video quality while reducing bandwidth costs by 50%. In addition, it supports real-time 4K and 8K encoding and delivers a smooth UHD viewing experience.

Accelerated transcoding

MPS is deployed in global regions and supports automatic scaling to flexibly handle a high number of concurrent transcoding requests. It supports distributed transcoding to deliver up to 30 times faster transcoding for long videos, allowing you to transcode and release videos very quickly.

Image quality remastering

By leveraging industry-leading video AI technologies, MPS supports digital remastering, SD to HD, and HD to 4K, allowing you to increase the quality and color richness of videos while greatly reducing video noise, glitches, and banding.

A Variety of Features

MPS supports various capabilities such as audio/video transcoding, audio/video enhancement, video screencapturing, content discovery, moderation, and smart editing. It provides a variety of template configuration capabilities, which enable you to customize the configuration as needed.

AI Technology

Based on Tencent Cloud's advanced AI technology, MPS provides diversified smart services for massive amounts of video content, including smart tagging, intelligent thumbnail generation, face recognition, speech/text recognition, smart editing, and security/quality moderation.