Manually Initiating Transcoding

In MPS, there are two ways to initiate transcoding tasks:
You can set up a workflow to automatically trigger a transcoding task upon file upload.
You can call an API to manually initiate a transcoding task for an uploaded file.
This document describes how to call an API to initiate a task. To learn how to set up a workflow to automatically trigger transcoding tasks, see Setting Workflows.

Initiating a Transcoding Task

You can call the ProcessMedia API to initiate a transcoding task for a single file. If the API is successfully called, the task ID, i.e., the TaskID field in the result, will be returned.

Sample request

&<Common request parameter>

Sample response

"Response": {
"RequestId": "6ca31e3a-6b8e-4b4e-9256-fdc700064ef3",
"TaskId": "125****65-procedurev2-bffb15f07530b57bc1aabb01fac74bca"
If you have configured CMQ for event notification, you will receive a notification upon completion of this task. In addition to receiving event notifications through CMQ, you can also use the DescribeTaskDetail API to query the task result. The input parameter is TaskId returned by the ProcessMedia API.